A Blog about Economics, Politics, the Environment, and Other Causes of Hair Loss

Hi there. This website here is my blog. It's all very new to me so let me first say thank for reading and offer something in the way of an introduction. My name is Kevin Townsend. I turned 23 a few days ago and a few months before that graduated from Stanford with a degree in economics and another in (essentially) environmental policy. I also minored in poetry, but that was surely evident enough from my flowery verse. [I've also worked a number of jobs and internships relevant to the blog's topics, but I'll put all that in the About section]

These two events, and the overall sense of looming obligation that is life after college, have compelled me to start this blog. I hope to discuss economics and politics, with a particular focus on issues environmental, financial, and fiscal. I hope to put down my own ideas and reporting as well as interact with those of others. Most of all though, I hope it's interesting in some minor way.

Is this exercise... Self-Involved? Quixotic? Pointless? Almost certainly. I've heard somewhere that the average readership of a blog is one, namely the blogger. While I do think I have something to say and I hope to say it in a worthwhile manner, I'm happy with simply using this space as a journal for laying down thoughts and keeping myself writing.

But if nothing else, it allows me to address my ego directly. So hi there, ego, I hear you're awesome.