Kevin Townsend is a journalist on staff at The Atlantic. He writes, codes, and produces audio. Prior to reporting, his background was economics, with a career in finance and consulting.

He believes the best stories come from the voices of those who lived them and that numbers are more afraid of us than we are of them.

He’s on Twitter here and at The Atlantic here.

Feel free to reach out to him at kevin s townsend (at) gmail or via the contact form at the bottom.



From Pittsburgh by way of Palo Alto, Kevin Townsend joined The Atlantic in 2017 as the magazine’s first podcast producer. He’d previously worked for Slate and, before that, as the first intern on BuzzFeed’s investigative team.

Prior to journalism, his background was economics. While studying at Stanford, he worked in private equity and equities research (picking tech stocks for Merrill Lynch). Upon graduation, he spent three years as an economic consultant, conducting analysis for experts testifying in high-profile lawsuits. His work largely focused on financial crisis litigation.

During this time, he created a popular podcast and began publishing stories. He switched careers for journalism and graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2015. Besides writing, data, and audio, he enjoys rock climbing and photography. The site’s photos, except those of him, Kevin took all the photographs on this site.


His work has led to numerous media appearances on outlets like CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC. They include The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer , Erin Burnett OutFront, and World News with Diane Sawyer, among others.

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