Hi there! My name's Kevin. I’m a journalist based in Washington, DC. I was an “economic consultant” for three years before transitioning to journalism via the Columbia Journalism School. You can find my work at Slate, BuzzFeed, and other publications. Some of my bigger stories are investigative and audio. 

There’s the BuzzFeed piece about gambling corruption that I found through data and reported out with traditional means. There’s the half-hour radio piece for Slate about a libertarian political movement. And there's the one about two planes almost crashing mid-air that James Fallows called "riveting." My work has led to appearances on CNN, CBS, NBC, and other networks. (My colleagues in consulting thought I was crazy to go into journalism, so it was nice to spend my last day on the job interviewing for Diane Sawyer from our conference room.) While I was a consultant, I spent my days analyzing data and documents for high-profile lawsuits, while my nights and weekends were for writing and co-running the popular True Story podcast. Although, the consulting work took over a few too many nights and weekends. Besides data, writing, and audio, I like rock climbing, poetry, and photography. I took all the photos on this site (except the one above of course) and keep a gallery here of some favorites.

If you’re wondering what the “Word+Data Journalist” thing is, it’s meant as a bad joke. My data background helps me in my work, but I think ‘Data Journalist’ has become a tainted term that’s too often heard as “does graphs” rather than “uses numbers too.” Data, like the words of a source or the words of a written piece, is just another way of finding and telling a story. “Word Journalist” sounds silly, so “Data Journalist” should too.

If you have a tip or a media request, you can email me here or find me on Twitter here.